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20 Bar Espresso Maker

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[20 BAR POPULATION SYSTEM] - 20 Bar high-pressure pump provides the right amount of pressure for flavor extraction.Intriged a small amount of nearly boiled water through finely ground coffee to make true espresso 

[2 IN 1 ESPRESSO MACHINE] - The coffee machine with milk foam can be used as espresso coffee machine, cappuccino machine and latte machine.Brew the flavor taste espresso coffee and foaming push button control panel without pressure gauge 20 Bar pump pressurePlastic with stainless steel decoration housing

Coffee options:espresso,cappuccino,latte 1.5L detachable transparent water tank Alumium alloy die casting boiler Alumium alloy filter holder attached with dual stainless steel filter to improve coffee quality 2 cups ground coffeeWith overheat and overpressure protecting device Detachable frothing nozzle Durable stainless steel cup plate for coffee cups preheating ULKA pump,UL plug

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